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Captain Christian will teach you insider tips and tricks on catfishing in his new Reel Catch Consultation classes. 

The following topics may seem to be pretty straight forward to some seasoned fishermen, but we promise there are many aspects of each one that are overlooked. Consultation classes are geared toward 1:1 training on how to catch catfish. Some topics will include:

  • How properly install fish finders and transducers

  • How to configure and dial in fish finder in various water conditions.

  • How to interpret sonar returns and apply them to your bait presentation and boat positioning.

  • How to assess water conditions and how they impact catfish feeding habits.

  • How to asses weather conditions and how they effect the fish we are targeting.

  • How to catch bait using various methods including hook and line, cast nets, and gill nets.

  • How to select proper equipment for various styles of catfishing including anchor fishing, drift fishing with suspended baits, and using planner boards.

  • How to select the correct rod and reel, line, an