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Christian Moore, Reel Country Guide Service Fishing Captain

Captain Christian Moore

Christian Moore, hailing from Summerfield, NC, was introduced to the world of fishing by his father more than three decades ago. His formative years were spent exploring farm ponds on their trusty Jon Boat, where his deep passion for fishing took root. It was over 17 years ago in Danville, VA, when Capt. Moore had his first encounter with trophy Blue Catfish. Accompanied by a coworker, he ventured to the Dan River in the springtime, and the sheer power of those river-dwelling fish left an indelible mark, propelling him on a lifelong pursuit of these majestic creatures. The Captain has dedicated extensive time, both on and off the water, to the study of catfish and the various species they prey upon.

Relocating with his family to southeastern VA, Capt. Christian realized his dream of imparting his catfishing knowledge to others by establishing his Reel Country Guide Service business. Over the past 4 years, he has consistently achieved top-three finishes in local tournaments, securing over 10 first-place victories. He is the 2023 Ice Bowl Champion along with receiving the 2023 King of The James Crown.

When he's not navigating the river's currents, Capt. Christian cherishes moments spent at home with his beloved family: his wife, Ashley, and their two cherished daughters, Lilah and Clara.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
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